NYC Graffiti Law

“Graffiti is on the rise. It's becoming glorified again. We don't have the police we used to and those we have are concentrating on terrorism,” he said.

Yeah, so the folks up there are banning the sale of spray paint and thick markers to people under the age of 21.

As for Taichung, you can have my spray paint when you pry it from my cold, dead hand. That is, if I painted, which I don't. When paint is outlawed only outlaws will have paint.

When I was in high school, I grew a beard and bought beer and booze every weekend for my friends. I predict a trend towards more facial hair in NYC.


Taiphoon: "Graffiti makes the urban landscape more beautiful than the crappy, dirty, run-down concrete that developers with no humanitarian concerns serve up. Let's face it: we require a 'humane' habitat to live in. We have lived in a beautiful Eden for something on the order of 1,000,000 years, and only within the last 50 years or so have we been herded into these drab, grey, cement horrors called modern cities."

Tell it like it is, brother. Here's a link to some of what's going on in the world of graffiti in Taipei.

Tagging Air Force One

Fresh Paint Under the Highway

"F" is a new tag that's been showing up this year. These are under the bridge on the scooter detour headed up towards Tunghai.

I may not be able to find art street, but I know what I like...

Cheers to Poohhat for the heads up on this mural off Art Street near Tunghai University. It's a completely different style, but I love seeing this kind of personalisation on property here. It's like someone inside is marching to the beat of a different DJ... or something like that.The Resistance. Fill me in on the Resistance. What have I been missing?
Art Street is one of those neighborhoods in Taichung where you don't feel like you're in Taichung. I only saw one 7-11, no Starbucks, and the nearest McDonald's was miles away. I'd love to live up there, but it's so far from everything down in the city.

First Spotted First Posted

I saw these revisions in the park a few days ago and returned with my camera this afternoon to pick them up. It might be intersting to compare to some earlier work here and here and here, too.

Under the Tracks

A Side of the Tracks

One side or the other or underneath the tracks. This is so groovy, how could it be wrong? Apologies to Omen for monkeying with the color on this one, but the shadows were not cooperative.

These pieces are all in a pedestrian underpass (except for this one just above) about a kilometer north of the train station in Taichung. Thanks to KatieKalie for pointing them out to me a few weeks ago.
I'm not gettting out as much as I would like to to find new bombs. If anyone has seen any new work in the Taichung area, please let me know so I can get out to record it. Thanks, you're beautiful, I mean it.