large vinyl sticker pack on matt vinyl approx 10-11cm

extra tasty and extra sticky


La Rues Secret Spot

A nice day playing in the tar pit and painting at GByes ridiculously good spot

The Word on the Street in Montreal

Check out Roadsworth.

Thanks a bunch, MyWhat?

Malark x MisterTheFreak Barcelona Shutters

A few cheeky shutters placed around the barcelona old town done with the awesome MisterTheFreak. Doing our best to dodge Po on peds and keep an eye on the cerveza stash.

Yi-Zhong Jie, Taichung

Had a camera in my pocket, time on my hands and graffiti in front of me this afternoon. Only thing I didn't have was boots to cross a muddy lot to shoot an awesome fresh wall down there.

Down in a smaller alley...

And in a parking lot, just in time for Halloween...

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Lazy Sunny Afternoons

So I had an afternoon to myself and I just wanted to be inspired by other people unwinding in the park, I find it hard to relate to most of the activities I see down there: juggling, football, tight rope walking! nothing was pushing the relax/contention button for me, theres always an array of instruments being banged, strummed and generally abused all around. I heard a guitar from behind a bush/tree combo, I couldn't see who was playing or even whether they were particually relaxed but it just got me inspired.

Huffington Post: PHOTOS: Green Graffiti -- Protest Art Gets Environmental

Malark Side of the Moon

Piece done on hardboard with all horror related aspects i could think of mixed with a little bit of musical tastyness crossover

Little quick paste got drawn to get some stuff on road!

Xitun Rd by the Highway


Awesome day organised by the boys over at massive thanks to all especially the supplier of meat, beers and ice cream and to everyone that was painting and being super safe!

New Paint By The Highway

Yeah, I don't get around much anymore, but I found this dated 2010 on a nice retaining wall on a frontage where Taichungkang Rd gets all funky doe scooters on the way up to Tunghai

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3rd Place - Not Bad!

Dark vs Light piece I did for Lazy Oaf drawing competition, came 3rd, some posca and lazy oaf goodies coming my way!


Nice fun day painting on road in Newcastle, getting slowly more pissed as the North Easts finest creative types trickled down one by one as things slowly got more and more out of hand!

10 Times as Bad as Expected

By Priest (via Marcus)

70,000 barrels of oil a day are spilling in the Gulf of Mexico. That's the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez spill every 4 days.

Tres Cerveza Por Favor

Shutter near the Ouseburn in Newcastle, nice sunny day to paint, no hassle just positive vibes from passers by. Love how the sea came out


Emulsion 3D cloud, this is bigger than you think!

It Does a Body Good

Next to Starbucks on Kungyi Rd

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Malarky Cold Chillin'

From brain to hand to paper to print to street all in a matter of hours!

Malarky Peri Peri Hustlin' Billboard

Some hijacked advertising space, a character collage, a big printer and a lot of paste.

Big piece, Big Deal!!!

Stencil Time in St Louis

EYE HEART STL!!! from Peat Wollaeger on Vimeo.

Under the Tracks

Out and about in Taichung and saw this wall from last year.
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Senza Caffeina

Powered by caffeine free coca cola direct from the italian alps I managed to bang out a couple of paintings ready for the kitch:en opening or the designers marketplace or somewhere else

Keepin Busy/Keepin Silly

Where do people find time to do the things they like? 

2 nights of after work drawing/drinking and this is what has come of it

malarky mixed media - tasty nandos 

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