Four Crew Working

Thanks to Fast for the heads up today. I caught up with FourCrew underneath the bridge where Chung Ming South Rd crosses over the river. Here's a bit of how things went:

Hua Mei St

A bit of Bobo/Saven underneath one of the bridges over by Oldies & Frank's Hot Dogs.

This one and the detail below were done by a guy called Chek who was down from Taipei.
When I first saw Bobo's self portrait, I was looking at it from just across the stream and I couldn't make out what it was. Duh. How does he do that?

There's Something Happening Here

Well, for one thing, the 7th Letter Crew is coming to Taipei on the 25th of October. It's a part of their Asian Letters First tour. They're in Tokyo today and tomorrow. Take a peek at what's happening at the Known Gallery.

There's something else going on in Taipei on the 28th of October. Apparently 8 graffiti artists have been arrested, or given heavy fines for doing their thing up there, and folks are getting together to stage a protest at 華山藝文中心 for the decriminalization of graffiti art. Fair enough. Anybody know what time?

Also, in December, down here in Taichung, there will be another graffiti exhibition at the former Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Administration building on Fuxing Rd. More details will be made available when I get them.

Graffiti in Taiwan

The Real Taiwan has links to four YouTube videos with Graffiti Guys running around Taipei doing their thing. Is it Art? There's the eternal question. I remember taking an aestethics class in university and I'll be damned if I can remember the answer to "What is Art?"

1 Week of Art Works

Again, not necessarily in keeping with the blog title, this is a guy called Daisuke Yamamoto painting and repainting a wall somewhere in Japan. Groovy tunes, as well.

The US vs John Lennon

I hope to have the opportunity to see this film about the US Government's harassment of John & Yoko in the 70's. If I didn't have to search for a pirated version, that would be all the better. What are the chances of it showing in Taiwan?

Whoever is doing stencils in town really did a good job on this one.
And look a little closer at the attention to detail.
This is the second John Lennon stencil in Taiwan in the past few years. Two years ago, there was one at the park by Chung Ming and Kungyi, but it--the graffiti--got vandalized. How's that grab ya?