XFM RADIO Studio commision- Dec 07

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Customized Smeg fridge @ XFM by Rmer.

Ornate silver frame mural @ XFM by Rmer.

mural by Hoxe, Rmer and Solve @ Cardiff 2007

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Taipei Graffiti

BBrother got written up in the Taiwan Journal way back in May. And here it is November and I'm just getting around to seeing it and stuff. Still, this remains Taichung's best English-language graffiti blog written by someone born in New Jersey. photo by Chuang Kung-ju

Bad Blogger

There are a couple walls that I've seen in Taichung in the past two or three months that have been marvelously painted, and I do see new stuff popping up from time to time here and there. I'm running ragged 6 days a week, though, and in getting from point A to B I have no time budgeted to stop and capture what I see to share here. I have a week's holiday or two coming to me in January, I think. I'll see what I can scrape together then.

In the meantime, check out this green graffitti in Brooklyn. It's not going to grow on me anytime soon, but I'll bet it would do well here.

Hippity Hop Music

I have no idea what made me do it, but I channel surfed over to Taiwan's MTV this evening. Saw some guy with a green mohawk break dancing and felt like watching for a bit. My students like to try their moves at break time. I looked a bit closer and the studio graffiti in the background was done by Bobo and Same. There's video on the MTVchinese.com website where you can sorta see it in the background if you know what you're looking for. Hip Hop, Break Dancing, and Graffiti all represented in one neat little package. Don't make me wanna go hippity hop, but there you have it.

Noodle Noodle

The same fine folks that bring you Oldies Franks, have a noodle shop within spitting distance called Noodle Noodle. And between the two is this parking lot. Saven/Same hooked up with the guys from The Seventh Letter when they were in Taipei a while back and is now spreading their name and notoriety too.

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GREAT GRAFFITI! | Signs & Posters | Funny Videos, Pictures and Jokes at JibJab

GREAT GRAFFITI! | Signs & Posters | Funny Videos, Pictures and Jokes at JibJab

Rmer & Hoxe - Cardiff 2007

mural july o7 - Rmer, Hoxe, Foe and Solve

mural by Hoxe and Rmer @ Cardiff 2007

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mural by Hoxe and Rmer @ Cardiff 2007


selected canvas works from new to old.
all canvasses are freehand painted using only aerosol paint.

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for sale - email for details


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logo design by Hoxe




please visit www.dekoemuralarts.co.uk for more info

Random murals

Rmer 2007

Rmer and Solve @ Breaking the Bay - Cardiff 2007

Rmer Detail

Rmer,Hoxe,Foe and Solve - Cardiff 2007

Rmer @ Associated minds studio`s, Cardiff.

Rmer and Hoxe - Cardiff 2006

Paper Factory Outside

Near that B&Q on Beitun Rd there's an abandoned newspaper factory. Apparently, there's a lot of graff inside as well. I hope to get back if it ever stops raining.

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