Daken Graffiti Wall

If you take Wenshin Rd out to Daken, before you get to the Daken traffic circle, there's a lovely river with cement banks on which the Team Stinky Tofu graffiti crew has been practicing their art. Thanks to Teacher Bill for the heads up.

Apart from a lot of the paint being horribly weather-worn, it looks like some good stuff is going on out there. From the road, it looks as if Omen has been at work up here. Not so. I think it's called "homage."

The names I saw up here were DABU, FREE, and LGSD. I've seen DABU in Taipei, and I now recognize Free and LGSD's tags from around town here and there. I see that the Taichung graffiti scene is not limited to just 4Crew.

I'm not sure what the significance of the A is. Every Surface Counts. I dig that. Right on, TST, I'll keep an eye peeled for ya.

Oh, here's another leftover from Ximending.

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