Vote for Omen!

I just received word from the man himself:
Hey omen-affectionados,
Please be sure to vote oMEn as "best graffiti Crew" in the Mirror's best of Montreal. I know I'm not a crew but they don't know that...shhhhh...
So, do what you have to do. Click on this here link and fill in the form. Now, this is the tricky part...
They ask that you vote in at least 25 categories, so we can't all just go to vote for the Best Graffiti Crew then high five each other and go home.

I have very little knowledge of Montreal, so I wouldn't know how to vote. If I still have any readers from the Montreal scene, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. Not that I'm inviting anyone to tell anyone how to vote and thus bring North America's last great democracy crumbling to the ground...but still. ... wait...Montreal has a king, don't they?