Destruction of the Park--Long Live the Park

This is the little park on Hua Mei Xi Jie, next to the pub that used to be Napoli years ago. There was never a lot of graffiti there in the past, but a few pieces have shown up during this de-/recon-/struction phase. I was there a few weeks ago to to see some of the pieces before they disappeared. These two showed up in the last two weeks, according to one of the construction workers there who was having a refresher at the end of the day.

This is credited to Omen, Fast, & Bobo of Taichung 4-Crew. Possibly one of Omen's last contributions before going on holiday?

Below, Bobo's piece, and then a few details that I enjoy playing around with. I've learned that YIA is a Taipei Graffiti crew that Bobo and Sam work with from time to time. I've got to find the time to get up to XinMenDing and see what's up.