Taipei Hsimending

I had this past Monday off , and since I've been hearing so much about the Taipei graffiti scene, I thought I'd head up there and see what was what. Soumen tipped me off that Xinmending would be a good place to start. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stop off in Hsinchu on the way back to Taichung to have a look around. I had been looking forward to visiting the Burger King in front of the train station.
I found one in Taipei, anyway, so I got my fast food fix.

The graffiti action in Taipei, from the little I've seen, is a lot more hectic than in Taichung. In Taichung, 4Crew has the city pretty much to itself and doesn't have to put up with too much in the way pieces getting painted over, and the murals that go up stay unmolested until the weather gets the best of them.

Taipei's a bigger scene. Lots of places to paint, but everybody wants to put something up where the scene is , I guess. Following are some tags from the various writers working up there.

I've got lots more to work through in the next couple days, but it's too late to edit anything else tonight. Enjoy.